Saturday, 21 February 2015


I  was brought to my attention that some kids in U15 years old, are thinking in playing two divisions..  Therefore, with the idea of supporting the motivation of the kids.   I have decided that all teams in U15 years old can also join any other division, as far as they have an average rating close to the minimum required by the division.   This second event will not be charged to the team.     

  1. The roster of player for the team U15 must be submitted before March 8th,
  2.  Include the fee ($200) 
  3. Indicate the other division where they wan to compete.  
  4. The roster have to include only kids U15 years old, if an adult or player older is included this promotional discount will not apply.
  5. Players must be aware of having enough player to play all matches scheduled.

Thank you


pd: I will include this information in the newsletter.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Top 12 Matches in the History of the NYTTL

#12 : Club League Finals at USATT Nationals 2012 : Maryland TTC vs ICC

It was hard to find the last match among the most important matches in the history of the NY league.     I have seen so many amazing players playing in this league.   In this final the club winner of the season 2011, played against the ICC the growing power in TT at that time.   Two young players that are part of the history of TT in US were in each team : Ariel and Nathan.    

Very nice final, great location.   

New York TT League 2015

Deadline is approaching : March 8th 
Interested in playing in the league, 

  1. Contact me as soon as possible to send you my address, my email is and my cell is : 917 743 3060
  2. Send me your fee $200
  3. Include the roster with all players that will play (or maybe play) in the league, no changes allowed after March 8th.
  4. Guys, don't be selfish, try real hard to get Cadet's for the Cadet's Division.  My goal is having up and running this division, which (for me) is the most important division.  But kids needs your support and guidance.  Help them to create a team, involve Parents.

If any division has not enough teams (4) , we will cancel the division and I will reimburse the full fee.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Top 12 Matches in the History of the NYTTL

#11 First US Club Final in History - Coach Li Yu Xiang vs Hailong  - Phillip Dassonval vs Kayshap - NYITTC vs ICC 2009 

The teams were :NY International Table Tennis Club  Li Yu Xiang, Philip Dassonval, Mauricio Vergara  - ICC : Hailong, Kayshap, Lisa.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Confirmed clubs as center of Matches 
in the NYTTL 2015

As you know, during this year, one important modification in the league is that we will play only once a month, from March to November.  Only few clubs will be able of hosting the matches, those clubs are known as Center of Matches in the NYTTL.  They fulfill some basic requirements; having at least 4 tables with enough room for pro matches are the basic elements for being chosen.

Two of the most important clubs have confirmed their participation and to host the matches, they are:


Once again, both clubs with the strongest players in the region and top of the line facilities in the whole continent are in the league.

I'm still in the process of contacting the New Jersey Table Tennis Club in Westfield, NJ and Westchester Table Tennis Center in NY and the famous Nison Aronov Table Tennis Academy which also fit the requirements for hosting matches.   

Also over 20 clubs and places where Table Tennis is practiced in NY, NJ have been contacted.  So far : Wang Chen Table Tennis Club is confirmed and most likely The American Asian Cultural Center of Tribeca.

Last weekend I visited many clubs from Westfield to Flushing: Chinese, Americans, Koreans, etc.  All informed about the league.  I hope to have many teams for having a great event for all the players.


Sunday, 8 February 2015

Top 12 matches in the history of the NYTTL

#10 John Hsu vs Maximo - MDTTC vs Asociacion Dominicana de Tenis de Mesa - 2010

Top 12 matches in the History of the NYTTL

#9 Odingo vs Tigran -  Wang Chen TTC vs King Pong - 2012

Top 12 matches in the History of the NYTTL

#8 The old glories : Former members of the Dominican and Chilean national  team in the NYTTL Raymundo Fermin vs Sergio Gonzalez - 2009

Top 12 matches in the History of the NYTTL

#7 The toughest match ever in the league Maryland TTC vs Chinese Community Center of Flushing

Top 12 matches in the History of the NYTTL

#6 The Legend : Atanda Musa vs Ragu - NYTTF vs Maryland TTC - 2010 Finals

Top 12 Matches in the History of the NYTTL

#5 Jeffrey vs Nai Hui Liu - Maryland TTC vs Lily Yip TTC - 2011