Sunday, 22 March 2015

2015 ITTF Latin American Championships - Final Day Morning

Maryland TTC - The last match in NYTTL

Maryland TTC is one of the missing clubs in this season, but we are happy because they will participate in the Maryland Super League.   The whole idea of the League System is having regional leagues all around the country.  Why?, well in my case just because I like to watch good matches.   

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Ernesto Ebuen is in the NYTTL 2015

Ernesto is a former member of the Philippines national team.  He is a very successful coach and training partner.   He will play by Spin New York.

Teams in Honor Division 2015


The following are the teams :

  1. Wang Chen Table Tennis Club A
  2. Spin New York
  3. Westchester Table Tennis Center
  4. Lily Yip Table Tennis Club
  5. New York Indoor Sport Club A
  6. Trolley Car Table Tennis Club 
  7. Wang Chen Table Tennis Club B
  8. New York Indoor Sport Club B
The division will be played in 2 round robins.  Each team match will be played 5 out 9 and each single match is 3 out 5 games.

Center of Matches

The following clubs will host the matches:

  1. New York Indoor Sport Club :  Web
  2. Lily Yip TTC : Web 
  3. Westchester TTC :  Web

Schedule of Matches

I'm working in a draft of the schedule, which will be send to the Centers of Matches for approval.   We will play only once a month on April, May, August, September, October and November.

Qualification to the US Club Championship in Vegas

As usual, the top 2 teams will be invited to play at the US Club Championships at the USATT Nationals in December 2015 in Vegas.     The teams will play against the top 2 teams from other club leagues in US .    No lodging or travel expenses will be provided.

Other Regulations

The league has a set of guidelines and regulations that are in process of being updated, as soon as finished and before the first match of the league, they will be sent to the Managers/leaders of each club/team in the division.

Other divisions

The other divisions in the league either have been postponed or cancelled.   But we will keep people posted for future events, as the TEAMS CHALLENGE EVENT, which will be only for cadets teams.  Two teams will play as a regular team match, for invitation only.    

Mauricio Vergara
The Cadet's Division have been Cancelled

We didn't have enough teams for having this event, so it has been cancelled and next year we will try again.   However, since I noted the enthusiasm of the players at Wang Chen's Club, I will try to schedule challenges matches in team format.   This will be a good beginning for the kids.


Friday, 13 March 2015

The New York Table Tennis League 2015 - Closing period of accepting teams and players

Last day to sign up in.the league is.: Sunday , March 15th.

I will be at NYISC from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

Roster of players and fee will be accepted (only).

Teams that have already signed in the league. can submit new email, or text  until 7:00 pm.

As probably some of you well know, no changes or new players will be accepted after that, until next year,  no exceptions.

Thank you

Good luck to all teams.

Mauricio Vergara

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Westchester Table Tennis Center December Open 2014

Ruichao Chen is in Lily Yip TTC

Ruichao Chen will be in the team Lily Yip TTC too.    
Tinglai Wu other member of NYISC

Jishan Liang is in the NYTTL 2015

Linag will play by NYISC in this season.    The more videos I post in this web, the more I feel we need Timo Boll in my team!!!

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Cory Eider is in the NYTTL 2015

Adam Hugh 2014 World Team Trials Highlights

Adam Hugh is in the NYTTL 2015

Lily Yip TTC is once again in the NY league.  I think this year the league will be awesome!!
That match with Shao Yu, was incredible.