Sunday, 8 November 2015

Closing Ceremony NYTTL 2015

Once again the New York Indoor Sport Club have showed us that they are the strongest Club in the North East Region of USA.     Their both teams overcame all sort of problems in this long contest.
NYISC A winner and NYISC B runner up.    In semifinal Spin New York and Atlanta Table Tennis Academy .

Final Positions Club in the North East Region

1st  (Winner)                      New York Indoor Sport Club A
2nd (Runner up)                 New York Indoor Sport Club B
3rd                                      Spin New York
4th                                      Atlanta Table Tennis Academy
5th                                      Wang Chen Table Tennis Club B
6th                                      New York Indoor Sport Club C
7th                                      Wang Chen Table Tennis Club A
8th                                      Westchester Table Tennis Club (Withdraw)
9th                                      Trolley Club Table Tennis Club (Withdraw)
10th                                    Lily Yip Table Tennis Club (Suspended)

The two teams that will represent the NorthEast Region of US at the US Club Championships 2015 in Vegas at the USATT Nationals are : NYISC and Spin NY.  Roster of players and captain will be communicated promptly to the organizers.

Final Thoughts 2015
This year the problems in the league reached a peak, in some points it was overwhelming the amount of challenges, problems and situations to solve.

But overall as Director and founder of the league I feel proud of having the opportunity of being director of this very important event.    On the above picture I'm among some of the finest players in the continent.    There is no other tournament in US that can have so many stars at the same time and many playing in the same team and they are representing their club.    This is not an international event or a tournament with big cash awards.     It can not get any better than this!!

The league also gave the opportunity to players of different levels to play with different players, some times with great experience and the ratio : Cost / Matches is still the best in the nation, meaning that there is no other tournament were players can play more matches to the lowest cost per match.

Naturally, there is still a lot of things to learn for future directors in US.   A club league not only measure the level of players but also measure the strength of a club as organization and number of players willing to play for the club, this sort of event can be compared only to a marathon.

Now I will focused in the US Club Championships 2015 with a growing number of new people involved in the event and for next year I will do my best to organize the first World Club Championship with USATT and ITTF.

Thank you all


Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Kalinikos Kreanga vs Stefan Fegerl (Champions League 2015/2016)

One of the best swap hand shots of all time!



1:00 PM AT


Semifinal 1 : Spin New York vs    NYISC A
Semifinal 2 : Atlanta TTC     vs    NYISC B

The best clubs in the NorthEast Region of US.


Sunday, 1 November 2015


After a long (and full of casualties) season we have finally the best four teams in the NYTTL.  To be honest with you, I didn't know the final results until a few minutes ago.  I double check the calculations and they are correct.

The final standing for the clubs is

Position               Club                  Points                         Wins      Lost     Defaults
1.-                        NYISC A            82                              26           4             0
2.-                        ATTA                  75                              25           0             5
3.-                        NYISC B            66                              18           12           0
4.-                        SPIN NY            62                              17           11           2
5.-                        NYISC C            56                              13           17           0
6.-                        WCTTC B          56                              13           17           0
7.-                        WCTTC A          36                              8             12           10

The Final will be played on SUNDAY November 8th at 1:00 pm 

The 5th place will be played between NYISC C and WCTTC B.

Thank you


Sunday, 25 October 2015

Friday, 23 October 2015

Table Tennis Croatia Open 2015 - Mihai Bobocica Vs Kirill Gerassimenko -

Sunday October 25th at NYISC 

NYISC C    vs. WCTTC A                     3:00 pm
WCTTC B  vs. NYISC B                       3:00 pm
NYISC A    vs. WCTTC A                     4:00 pm
WCTTC B  vs. ATTC                             4:00 pm

SPIN NY requested to play its match vs NYISC A on Saturday 31th after 4:00 pm
The reason for the late notice is because I was informed late too.    I think this time we can have many defaults. 

Thank you


Sunday, 18 October 2015

Missing Teams in the League 2015 : Dominicans ANYTEME


From Washington Heights this year we missed Dominicans : Frank, Valerio, and all the guys

I just remember them with this great group Projecto 1 and images from Washington Heights, Maybe next year they will participate.


Unseen Legendary Table Tennis Haka

European Championships: Margaryta Pesotska-Ruta Paskauskiene