Saturday, 22 August 2015

Table Tennis ECL 2015/16 - Alexandre Robinot Vs Masataka Morizono -

Table Tennis China Open 2015 - Ma Long Vs Antoine Hachard - (Private Rec...

Table Tennis Italian Championships 2015 - Leonardo Mutti Vs Niagol Stoya...

EYC 2015 - Carlo Rossi Vs Melker Nilsson - (Team Group)

Tennistavolo - Splendido colpo di Carlo Rossi

Hahaha, I said it before, this is the best kid I have watched in Table Tennis in many years.  Also he plays only for the fame, without tricks to distract or upset the opponent.   Just talent in an small bottle.


The Great Carlo Rosi from Italy : Future Star in the World

I really enjoyed this match, I'm the fan #1 since I watched this match.  Rosi really love this sport and played with passion, also have amazing skills.  By far the best kid I have seen in long long years.

Matches Continue on September 20th.

For reasons beyond my control, the league will resume it's activity on September 20th.   Different teams were on vacation during August, so we decided to reschedule the matches.  A newsletter was sent to the subscribers.  Therefore everyone should know by now.

Sorry for any inconvenience.