Wednesday, 29 July 2015

JHA Kanak , Team USA

This promising kid was the youngest in table tennis, and probably in the whole Pan American games, I just get tired watching  the speed of this player.  Congratulations!!

Hugo Calderano Brasil


This is a very well done video about the final of the Latinoamerican championships, Hugo Calderano vs Cazuo Matzumoto (who missed the pan american games) have a beautiful match.   No more words for this great video portraying both excellent styles. Congratulations to the new Pan American Champion Hugo Calderano from Brazil.

Felipe Olivares (Chile) vs Thiago Monteiro (Brasil)

Both players fighting the last points after a tie 3-3, in the last game the score is tight, 5-5, 6-6, etc.   When the score is 10-9, in the first match point for Felipe, Thiago used all his experience and with a little of luck he hit the net once and the border of the table in a second time.  In that way Felipe saw to vanish the dream of make it to the Semifinals, but we are proud of his efforts and share the frustration in the last points.  Thiago is a very humble professional player, he always have the time to give some advise and be in the pictures with his fans (I have one), he is a very smart player, with a nice sense of opportunity for the winning points.   Congratulations!!

Toronto 2015 Pan Am - Gustavo Tsuboi (BRA) x Campos Jorge (CUB) - Table ...

Jorge Campos in red fighting until the last point, always with the hope of winning, finally the dream is over and he falls, probably he trained months until this last point.   Gustavo is other great player from Brazil, is not possible to mention this country without the images of Copacabana and Ipanema in my mind, the music and happiness of the Brazilians.    Congratulations for both!!

Andy Pereira - CUBA

This is an amazing cuban player, that played in teams and in the final draw, he lost , but I have no doubts he did some great matches.  Congratulations.
For Those that didn't make it in the Pan American Games

After the tournaments usually all people talk about the winners in just a few opportunities all other players are subject of analysis or tributes.  However, the winners own their performance to their opponents, thanks to the desire of winning, players take their skills to the limit, only one will win, but all other players tried hard.  For that reason this is a sort of tribute to all athletes in the Pan American Games, and I will refer to some of my favorites, those that are a great example.

In the next post (above) I will put a video and a comment about them.  This is my tribute to them, these are only a few of them, but this is dedicated to all players in the Panam games.


USA  women team champion Pan American Games 2015

Well done!!, congratulations to Lily, Jennifer and Jiaqi.

Schedule of Matches August 23rd, 2015

AUGUST 23, 2015

These are the matches:

NYISC A vs AITTA                  3:00 pm 
NYISC B vs NYISC C              3:00 pm
WCTTC A vs SPINY                3:00 pm

NYISC A vs WCTTC B            5:00 pm
AITTC     vs NYISC C              5:00 pm
NYISC B  vs WCTTC A           5:00 pm

We will play at the New York Indoor Sport Club.

Jennifer : The winner of the Pan American Games 2015

Congratulations to Jennifer - Winner Pan American games 2015

For those that met Jennifer some years ago, know the level of professionalism of Jennifer and her continuous efforts for improving his level in Table Tennis.  This is a well deserved award.   Her style close to the table with a very annoying system of contra-topspin from forehand and backhand have been her signature.    Jennifer have been continuously supporting the NYTTL with her participation during many years, among all the top players from New York Indoor Sport Club from Flushing.     Thank you and congratulations for this new achievement.


Sunday, 5 July 2015

Chile finally wins the Copa America in Soccer

Against all odds Chile defeated Argentina in the final.   Different gambling houses gave Chile no chances of winning the tournaments, the bets were +125 to Argentina (pay off was $125 for $100 in bets  to Argentina (only if Argentina wins by 3 goals) and pay off was $250 for $100 bet to Chile).   This is not related to Table Tennis, however it is to Table Tennis in US.   Soccer has no tournaments Under certain level, if that was the case, Chile will never had the opportunity of playing against the runner up of the world cup 2014.   When Table Tennis players decided to play Under 2100 or Under 2300 they are giving up the chances of having a huge win.      You can't have a great success winning a player 2600 or 2500 if you don't play open events.    This is the reason national teams in Table Tennis play Olympic games, because even if the chances are 1 in 1000 of getting the gold medal, is still 1 in 1000 and not zero.   Dreams are always alive and the hope is always there.  Chilean team defeated the odds and they won for first time in almost 100 years.   This is the lessons I wanted to share, which is obvious to me.  David defeated Goliath, and this happens more often than we think.


Saturday, 20 June 2015

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Schedule of Matches on June 14, 2015

As you know we had to do some changes in the schedule, I did the best possible to reschedule the matches in order to avoid new conflicts, however this is the final schedule.

Spin New York vs Atlanta International Table Tennis Academy at 3:00 pm at NYISC
New York Indoor Sport Club C vs Wang Chen TT club B at 3:00 pm at NYISC

New York Indoor Sport Club B vs Atlanta International Table Tennis Academy at 5:00 pm at NYISC
Spin New York vs New York Indoor Sport Club C at 5:00 pm at NYISC

Using our notation

SPNY vs AITTA at 3:00 pm
NYISC C vs WCTTC B at 3:00 pm

NYISC B vs AITTC at 5:00 pm
SPNY vs NYISC C at 5:00 pm

The league will continue as stated in the schedule posted in the menu of this blog, and we will finish the event on October 2015.

The top two teams will be invited to the finals in Vegas with the winners from other leagues (no expenses will be cover).

Thank you