Monday, 15 December 2014

Table Tennis - Attack (Penholder Style) Vs CounterAttack (Style with lon...

Great definition match in the French League. Note that the player in green is the Latino-american champion , Liu Song, he became Argentinean citizen.Is not very common watching a defensive-offensive player, since Liu, also attack with his long pips in the backhand.

Great style.


Sunday, 14 December 2014

New York Table Tennis 2015

   One more time the Club Championship Finals will be held in Vegas at the USATT Nationals 2014, this event that started in 2009 have seen the top players in USA, either Citizens or Residents living in the country.    The league is pretending to have players from different clubs having a common goal, which is taking its team to the finals.    

   I don't believe in clubs as a place to play TT with a friend without knowing all other players.  From my point of view, each club is a family, with friends, rivals, but we all together will push our club to the success.     Those that do not know this feeling are missing the most important part of our sport.    The sensation of playing representing your club, with your teammates cheering for you, the feeling of winning is great.    Those memories last forever.  

  Table Tennis as is known only for few players, is a TEAM sport.  In the sense that having a Champion in a club is the result of many factors : Coaches, training partners, sparrings, rivals and club administration.     Some players need to get experience, this is obtained playing different events, sometimes, this future champions can learn valuable lessons, as playing under pressure, playing doubles, with experienced players.     For the champion, keeping his performance and the desire for improving, over the years is just due to his friends in the club.      The social component of our sport is vital for the high level players.   No player can reach his maximum potential when any of these factors is missing.     

The league of NY, will have some improvements for the season 2015, which will be communicated to all clubs after the Nationals, and we will start from there.

In memory of our friend Mauricio Garcia

He passed on December 2014 at age of 40.   Amazing player , penholder japanese style.  By 8 yrs. old he was  in the regional team of Valparaiso and national team champion.     Lately he became member of the oldest table tennis club in the continent, also the biggest at that time : Club Manuel Veliz Sanchez.     He was easy going, sharp mind and a great friend, without a doubt we will always remember him.


Wednesday, 19 November 2014

DECEMBER 7th, 2014
Fee $5
Cash awards : 1st $800, 2nd $300, 3d $100
Contact info:
email :
Cell : 9176782077

Organized by The Beinjing Association of NY