Monday, 10 July 2017

NY Table Tennis League Looking for a New Director

Hi all,

If you are visiting this website, then you are interested in the Club league in New York.    In 2016 I suspended the NY League, and so far in 2017 there is no league neither.

But that's the past.    I'm glad that the movement we initiated in 2003 have been growing little by little.     Currently the NY League is looking for a new director, which will have all my support for the future seasons.

If you are interested in continuing the NY League, go ahead!!



Sunday, 24 July 2016


I loved Table Tennis !!, with it's small table, ball and the fast movements.  I took me years to learn how to play it, serving and everything.   I accepted the idea of increasing the size of the ball, since the sport it supposed to be more attractive for TV.    But I didn't receive any benefit on that, but I did have to pay more for the new  balls.

Then, again they did it when they changed the rule of service.  And all that training that took me years in improving a deceiving service, hiding the spin, everything when straight to the trash.   Then again I had to spend more years to learn the new service.

I'm still dealing with all injuries I had for the change of the glue and the plastic ball.

I think the Table Tennis has and insider enemy which is located in the ITTF and basically is changing everything in our sport in order to create new products usually more expensive.

Guys at ITTF if you want to play Tennis, you should quit Table Tennis and grab your Tennis racket and leave our sport.   You can play Wimbledon , Rolland Garros and all ATP circuit.

Leave our sport as it is.

I love my sport with all defects and virtues, after all that is love!! isn't??

Mauricio Vergara