Wednesday, 19 November 2014

DECEMBER 7th, 2014
Fee $5
Cash awards : 1st $800, 2nd $300, 3d $100
Contact info:
email :
Cell : 9176782077

Organized by The Beinjing Association of NY

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Hi all,

Some people ask me the reasons for doing a club league in.Table Tennis.
As many of you I really enjoy this sport, and I wish I had the chance of playing at pro level.    I feel proud of doing a league, just because I fully understand all the effort for higly skilled players in each movement, hours of training to create perfect reactions with a mathematical precission.  

Players are closer to performers in an art exibition.    

In other cultures, these players are subjects of admiration and respect, also those in.charge of the running these events are higly respected, and they make pride of their work.

Money certainly is needed, but it can't buy respect, and at least in my culture , this is important.

I was born in.Chile and many of the coaches we have there are from.China, therefore we share the same feelings and respect for this sport.   Unfortunatelly, Chile is a rich country, which have been rulef for hundred of years for oppresive olygarchs , bloody tyrans and that keep most of the populations in poor economic conditions, unable of reaching their potential, for that reason.I became immigrant in.US,.

People make.judgments based in.their cultural frame, which varies form each.culture and personal experiences.     Some times, as in this year I got upset for decisions that have no reasonable base and not legal support, and that affected my performance directing.the league, also, the NYTTL had to face major challenges, but due to the reasons explained above I was unable to solve, or without the willingness in.doing so.   Therefore the seaon.2014 was cancelled.

But in these times, I go back to my roots in.this sport, also receiving feedback from other enthusiasts of this sport around the world, finally I have overcame this hard times.

And here we are, working fir the.season.2015 of the NYTTL.

In the analysis of failures, multicultural environment I have decided to do some changes in.the league, keping the core of the event, but also making some adaptationsto attract those players that have diifferents points of view.

A great help in this process is the enthusiastic participation of the other two main leagues in US: The Bay area and LA leagues, that will play at the US Nationals, with some of the top players living in.US.

I hope that in.2015, players in NY, NJand Maryland can take advantage of this contest, which is also the more unexpensive contest in.that runs almost all year and help playersto improve their skillsin a very dinamic and

The cost per match played is tge whole region and top players have the chance of representing the region inthe US club league finals, which includes some of the top players living inthe country.

Mauricio Vergara

Monday, 23 December 2013

The USA Club Leagues Championships concluded at the USATT Nationals with the following results :

  1. ICC (Zhou, Xin (2724), Liang, Yonghui(2662), Wang, Timothy(2570)) Bay Area League
  2. SVTTC (Han, Zheng (2580), Wang, Rui (2542), Ren, Ruiqin (2440)) Bay Area League
  3. Lily Yip TTC (Adam, Judy, Cori, Barry) NYTTL
  4. CCCF A (Gao Yanjun, Shao Yu, Jeniffer, Taylor and Liu Juan) NYTTL
ICC defeated LYTTC (Lily Yip Table Tennis club in New Jersey) in the semi while SVTTC defeated the defending champion CCCF (Chinese Community Center of Flushing, New York) in another semi on Friday to set up the final on the final day of the 2013 US Nationals. ICC had the upper hand on the paper and they did win 3-0 but the quality of the matches wow'ed the handful of spectators at 9AM. The team contest had live streaming. You may see for yourselves. It was the first event on the Day 3 list.

The level of the finals is getting higher every year, which was an expected trend in this event.  .  As soon as I get more details of the result I will post them in this website.

Remember that for 2014 we will have a new website at , currently I'm working on it.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014

Mauricio Vergara 

Sunday, 13 October 2013


First of all, I would like to thank to all participants in the league. Those with the enthusiasm to keep playing and having fun during this long contest. Because it is all about enjoying Table Tennis. We all know that we enjoy this sport, but I think that many players are discovering and re-discovering something else, that our sport is a social sport, and players have more memorable experiences in the team events.

Many players are in a learning process when they played the league. This is because the league is a club event and not a team event. Players in Clubs must work together with the common goal of taking their club to the highest level in the event and feeling proud of the club achievements. It isn't an easy task.  

Working as a team not only means playing fine and winning matches, but also means using the best skills from all players in the club to achieve the same goals. Players can be good: coaching, sheering, organizing and doing fundraising for the club (or team which is representing the club).

The league not only will measure the table tennis skills of the players, instead will be the best way of indicator of the club's health. A healthy club will have more members involved in the club's activities, and as the times get tougher , the survival of the clubs depends on having more dependable members that are committed with the organization.

When players feel that the club is their second home, then we will have a club that will be a very tougher contender in the league.

This is the final Standing of the NY league in 2013 : Honor Division 1- Chinese Community Center of Flushing A (Winner 2013 and US Champion 2012) 2.- Lily Yip Table Tennis Center 3.- New York International Table Tennis Club 4.- Maryland Table Tennis Center 5.- New Jersey Table Tennis Club 6.- Chinese Community Center of Flushing B 7.- City College of New York A (demoted to 1st Division in 2014) 8.- United Nations (demoted to 1st Division in 2014) 1st Division 1.- Wang Chen Table Tennis Club A (Promoted to Honor Division in 2014) 2.- Madison YMCA (Promoted to Honor Division in 2014) 3.- Wang Chen Table Tennis Club B 4.- King Pong Table Tennis Club B 5.- City College of New York B 6.- King Pong Table Tennis Club A 7.- Brownsville Strikers (demoted to 2nd Division in 2014) 8.- Dominican Table Tennis Association (Anyteme - Demoted to 2nd Div) in 2014 we will create 4 Second Divisions : 2nd Division East: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Bronx 2nd Division West : New Jersey 2nd Division South : Long Island 2nd Division North : Westchester to the north Each division will have a minimum of 4 clubs and it will play a double round robin. The top 2 clubs applicants to join the league in 2014 will be included in 1st Division, all other teams will be included in 2nd Division. We are expecting to keep growing until creating at least 5 divisions in a pyramidal structure and became the base, so in the future the Honor Division will be the first professional Table Tennis League in this Continent. Thanks to the Enthusiast players of all clubs in particular to the Students of City College of New York!! Mauricio

Saturday, 12 October 2013

New Jersey Table Tennis Club finished in the 5th position

Overcoming many problems, NJTTC have been able of keeping their spot in the league.   Last Saturday they defeated 5-3 to CCCF B and also defeated 5-1 to CCNY A.  In the picture from left to right : Jeff, Mandy and Howard.         Now CCCF B and CCNY should play , the loser will be demoted to the 1st Division in 2014.   This last match will be on Saturday 12 (today) starting at 5:00 pm.

Wang Chen TTC winner 1st Division 2013

The very strong team of Wang Chen TTC have been the undisputed winner of the 1st Division.   Also Madison YMCA have finished in the second position .      Both teams have been promoted to the Honor Division.  In the picture from left to right : Max, Jerry and Kevin.

Both teams have agreed not to play today, since the final result will not change the standing of the clubs and Wang Chen TTC is hosting the Chinese Festival in their location today too.