Monday, 11 May 2015

New York Table Tennis League News

After a process of discussion among the team members of the league, two more teams were included : Atlanta International Table Tennis Academy and New York Indoor Sport Club C.   However two clubs were opposed to this decisions , which was voted for 50% + 1 of the members and they decided to withdraw from the league.  The clubs leaving the league are : Westchester TTC and LilyYip TTC, both after playing two matches , losing one and winning one.  A full refund will be send out, as a proof that I do not pursue any financial gain with this league.

The league will continue in June 14, and the schedule of the matches will be updated soon.    Also all the matches will be played at the New York Indoor Sport Club with the following teams : Spin NY, Wang Chen A, Wang Chen B, NYISC A, NYISC B , NYISC C , Atlanta International TTA and Trolley Car TTC.

It is unfortunate that problems in sports can not be solved without a constructive solution.    Since LYTTC have been opposed in many times and in different ways to the development of our league, I have decided to stop inviting this club and it's member for 5 years as a club or as a part of any other team.